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Enabling prosperity for a broader audience, communities, and the environment is a priority for EC corporation.

The social impact initiatives at EC corporation are built on two key foundations. The EC Foundation is dedicated to assisting individuals in establishing financial stability and engaging in an inclusive shift towards a low-carbon future. Additionally, employee engagement programs empower EC corporation's workforce to actively contribute as agents of social change within their respective communities.

Facilitating Economic Opportunities for a Wider Audience

Enabling individuals to attain a consistent and upwardly mobile income is an essential element in establishing financial stability. The EC Corporation Foundation backs initiatives in 14 countries aimed at upskilling, offering credentials, and establishing inclusive routes to career advancement.

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Enhancing accessibility to immediate savings

EC corporation's Emergency Savings Initiative collaborates with partner firms and non-profit financial health specialists to simplify and broaden access to savings for individuals with low to moderate incomes in the US and UK.

Facilitating a comprehensive energy transition

Facilitating a comprehensive energy transition, the EC corporation Foundation's $100 million investment over five years in the Catalyst Program by Breakthrough Energy aims to advance crucial clean energy solutions on a large scale. This initiative aims to propel the world closer to achieving net-zero emissions while addressing the disparate effects of climate change on various communities.

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