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EC Corporation Investment plans

The EC Corporation Investment Institute (ECII) harnesses the organization's extensive knowledge and produces exclusive research to offer perspectives on macroeconomics, sustainable investment practices, geopolitics, and portfolio development. This valuable resource assists EC Corporation's portfolio managers and clients in navigating the intricacies of financial markets.


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EC Corporation Investment Institute connects best experts on the global economy, markets, portfolio construction and geopolitics.

EC Corporation Investment Stewardship

The Investment Stewardship team of EC corporations plays a crucial role in their capacity as fiduciaries and asset managers. In their role as custodians of client assets, they are dedicated to engaging in constructive, long-term-focused interactions with the companies in which their clients have investments.

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Fostering Sustainable Financial Value Generation

Investment Stewardship is a crucial aspect of how EC corporations fulfill their fiduciary duty to clients in promoting their long-term economic interests. This involves actively engaging with the companies in which clients are invested, exercising voting rights on behalf of authorized clients, and advocating for sound corporate governance and business practices as an informed and engaged investor. Based on our observations, companies that effectively manage significant risks and opportunities in their business models, including those related to sustainability, tend to be better positioned for sustained, long-term financial success. The implementation of high standards in corporate governance, coupled with robust boardroom and executive leadership, equips companies to remain resilient and adaptable amidst macroeconomic and societal challenges, thereby safeguarding their financial performance over time.

Fostering Robust Corporate Governance and Sustainable Business Models

Active involvement is fundamental to our stewardship initiatives. Our engagement focal points mirror the five key areas in which we regularly interact with corporations, where these interactions are pertinent and represent significant business risks or opportunities.

Enhancing the Competence and Efficiency of the Board

Our commitment to investment stewardship has consistently commenced with the examination of the board and executive leadership. The effectiveness of the board plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustained financial prosperity of a company and safeguarding the economic interests of shareholders.

Strategic Alignment, Mission, and Financial Stability

We focus on long-term corporate strategy, purpose, and financial resilience to assess how boards and management are aligning their business decision-making with the company’s purpose. We examine how they adapt their strategy and/or capital allocation plans as needed in response to shifts in business dynamics.

Incentives Aligned with the Creation of Financial Value

Executive compensation serves as a crucial mechanism for fostering long-term financial value generation by motivating and acknowledging the effective achievement of strategic objectives and financial performance in comparison to industry counterparts. We believe it is essential for corporations to transparently articulate in their disclosures the correlation between compensation policies, results, and the financial well-being of enduring stakeholders.

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